Don’t we all enjoy that moment riding on a bus or a train while listening to our favorite tracks? Nothing feels more liberating than to have that time alone, with all thoughts running in your head as we hear the lyrics of the songs.

This experience energizes us; gives us a feeling of satisfaction. It leads us to a different world of our own even with the chaos surrounding us.

For these reasons, we’d buy the most expensive of earphones and headsets that we can find, or those competent brands that we know would last for years.

However, with the active lifestyle most of us have, we neglect to take care of our earphones and headsets. In fact, you might get frustrated remembering how many times you broke the previous earphones and headsets you bought at expensive prices.

So instead of repeating this mistake over and over, apply these effective and easy-to-do tips in order to prevent this heartbreaking scenario:

Minimize the Volume before Plugging it in

Let’s start with the basic. One of the worst practices we have when it comes to earphone usage is that we plug it in right away while the song still plays on our devices. Worse, we do this while the volume is at its loudest. Little did we know, this is one of the causes contributing to the deterioration of our headsets.

Don’t Leave it Plugged in

When you reach work or home after traveling with headset on your phone, you often forget to unplug it. We hop in to our home or office desk and leave the accessory plugged in to our phones that we either leave in a place or keep in our pockets. Don’t do this if you don’t want to break it and buy another one.


Pull the Plug, NOT the Cable

Being busy is not an excuse not to properly unplug our earphones after use. Don’t pull the cable, guys. It requires just a little effort to grab the input plug properly and pull it gently. If you keep pulling your headset cord every time you unplug it, be prepared to replace it because it will surely get broken soon.


Don’t lose the Thin Cord and Wrap the Cable

Remember that small thin cord that holds the headset cable together? It comes with the package when we buy a new headset. Do yourself a favor and don’t lose it. Do what it takes to keep it so that you can seal the cables after wrapping them up when not in use.


Splurge on Protectors and Cases

Photo from Ali Express

If you’ve invested too much on the best headset there is in the market, then it’s logical to also splurge on protectors and cases that will surely keep them intact and undamaged. We know so well that the cord is the most sensitive part of our earphones and headsets. Fortunately, there are so many cord protectors available to ensure that there will be no damage on it despite frequent use.