When you are about to hop on a plane for a wonderful vacation, all you’ll feel is excitement and thrill. You’re probably thinking of the activities you’re about to do in your chosen destination or the amount of sleep you’re about to get in that far away, secluded, and pristine island.

No matter what your goal is for that vacation, you have a PLAN. A plan to get away from the all stress of the city and just lay it all on the line. And you know, nothing’s going to stop you from indulging. After all, you almost emptied your savings account to have this well-deserved vacation. Why not go all-out on your happiness?

However, the moment you step inside the entrance of the vacation house you rented out (which was the cheapest, by the way), you were told that there was no electricity. And it’s uncertain when it will go back. All of a sudden, your dream vacation has turned into a nightmare. There’s no way to charge all your mobile devices, you won’t be able to use any appliance, and your convenience has been severely compromised, among others.

You’re alone in the trip because you didn’t want to be bothered by any of your indecisive or overly excited friends. You made that decision because life is sometimes better when you’re all alone to experience wonderful things other cultures have to offer you. Turns out, it was a pretty bad decision. Worse, people in that far off place barely speak your language.

You have just enough money, without any extra, to transfer to the next hotel or vacation house. No ATM. No nothing. Just your sweaty self, your luggage, and your empty, worried mind. What will you do next? Will you ever get that vacation that you long for? The one that you spent 80% of your savings for?

You’re probably asking, what does that have to do with this site? You thought this is some DIY site that will provide you with technical knowledge on home improvement. Well, that story right there is EVERYTHING this site is all about! You read that right folks.

We’re here to give you a wide variety of handy solutions to the most helpless situations. We have the appropriate life hacks and tricks to rescue you and take you away from these problems! From a seemingly hopeless vacation escapade due to a power or water outage to the ickiest toilet seat plumbing problems you’ll ever encounter, WE HAVE THE HACKS to help you out!

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