When we are not too careful, we tend to lose small items in the house. Since our house is spacious enough to store all of our belongings, finding these small items can take so much of our time. We have to search every nook and cranny, fit our hands in spaces we don’t normally go to search for these lost things. Along with losing time, we also lose our patience as well. One particular item that we use a lot and often lose is our key to the house. If you’re one of the many people who lose this item often and get irritated in the process, here are a couple of hacks to help you out.


Stick a knob hook on your wooden cabinet

Now this is a simple hack for your constant key-related problem. All you have to do is purchase a cheap knob hook from your local handyman store and screw it to anything made of wood. An example of this is a cabinet made out of wood in your bedroom. Screw the knob hook and place your keys when you’re not using them. In this way, you’ll be able to locate your keys in an easy-to-find location inside your house.



Use a large keychain

It’s impossible to lose something small when you attach an object that will catch your attention no matter what. In the case of your keys, you can get a colorful and fluffy keychain. With this keychain attached to your keys all the time, you can easily check them in your pocket or anywhere in your house. The chances of losing them will also grow smaller because this keychain is very noticeable.



Paint your keys with nail polish

Here’s a simple hack for you folks. Just get a bottle of nail polish. For this one, we recommend using one with a bright color, like red or yellow. Apply the colored nail polish on your keys. Once you’re done, your keys will no longer be bland and boring. At the same time, you’ll have an easier time locating it due to its new color.


Install a magnet on your keys

Magnets are very useful when you want to attach items in places you frequent inside the house. Take your refrigerator, for instance. Since this appliance is made of metal, it’s only wise to attach a magnet on your keys and keep it there. Now, you just need to go to your refrigerator and know your keys are in a place you can easily find. In fact, many services such as Singapore locksmith use such strategy to get business by having their contact number stick onto our refrigerator.



Get a small basket


Living in a place with several roommates can really cause havoc on small items, like your keys. Since there are other people living with you, all your belongings have a chance to get mixed with those of other people. In order to create a sense of order, better get a small handheld basket that has you name on it. You might even want to make your own recycled plastic container that looks creative and beautiful. Ask your roommates to do the same too. Once you have these baskets, you can place your keys there and even your other tiny things, like earphones and pens.