In an ordinary home, there are many items that no longer have use and yet they take up a lot of space. They should then be recycled for your own benefit. Now, you don’t need professional handyman services to make these recycable wastes such as plastic bottles functional again. These items that pose health hazards to your family, especially the children, are also dangerous to the environment so it’s not a good idea to throw them away. The solution? Apply these clever hacks and watch these bottles be transformed into something useful.


Turn your plastic bottles into pots for plants

There’s nothing more ironic to use plastic to grow plants and contribute to the well-being of our environment. To achieve this, all you need to do is cut open the top half of a plastic bottle. After doing so, get some good soil and fill the bottle up. Repeat the process and place them outside of your home. Plant some seeds, water them constantly, and watch them grow. You can also go the extra mile and plant seeds that can easily bear fruit, like tomatoes and potatoes, to help you grow your own food.


From bottles to item containers

At one point or another, a home will be so messy due to the sheer amount of the belongings inside it. To hit two birds with one stone, cut those unused plastic bottles once again. You get to unleash your creative side too because with just a little amount of paint, you can decorate these bottles for an added aesthetic value. After you’re all done, you can store pens, combs, pieces of paper, yarn, and little toys, among others, to keep your house organized.


Transform these bottles to coin banks

Rather than leaving all your coins all over the house, wouldn’t it be better if you have a way to store them for a rainy day? That’s right folks, you can use these bottles to keep your coins in one place should you ever have the need to spend on something. All you need to do is create a little hole, one that can fit coins, with the help of a knife or razor. To make things easier, heat up your cutting tool by using flames from a stove. After doing this step, you can now decorate your new coin bank to make it look more appealing.  You now have a way to save up money and have a tidier home.


Make it into your own masterpiece

Since we’re talking about making these plastic bottles look better, it would be a good idea to turn them into artsy decorations. There are a lot of design inspirations on the internet that are simple to do and won’t even cost a lot of money. An example of this is to create an artistic decoration with the help of a plastic bottle and colored sand. Cut the top part of the bottle to make it even. Fill the bottom with a sand of a single color until it reaches your desired height. Repeat it with a different color every time until it reaches the top. The result would be a stunning mix of different colors, all contained in a plastic bottle that was rotting away a couple of days ago.

These clever hacks will help you save the environment through your own simple and creative way. You can also check these tips on how to save water so you can help the environment even more.