Water is a very important resource for our daily needs. Although it might seem trivial, wasting even a single drop of water can be detrimental to all of us. Whether the reason is caused by a plumbing problem or improper practices, act on it right away. Get quality plumbing services or find a DIY solution to the problem. Otherwise, you’ll wonder why your water bill is too high and precious money will slowly go down the drain. If your money means a lot to you, there are a lot of clever and handy ways to save water. Here are some of them folks.


Get a very large water container

To help you save more water, you should get a large container for it. Not just ordinary plastic bottles or a small bucket. We’re talking about a big one with a lid on it that almost reaches to half your body. Fill it up so you can use it for your bathing or washing needs. Rather than get water from the faucet, you can use this water to fulfill your tasks. At the same time, when your water is suddenly disrupted due to a lot of reasons, you can have peace of mind knowing there’s a backup storage of water in your house.



Use laundry water to wash your floors

Cleaning all of your clothes using a washing machine means you need to use a lot of water to accomplish this task. After doing so, the appliance will just expel this used water after a single use. That seems like a waste because when you measure all of the used water, you’re going to have a lot. To remedy that waste, better scoop up the water used by your washing machine into several buckets. If it still has soap in it, the better. With the help of this soapy water, you can wash your floors and make them shine like new again. Make sure you have taken all the important and small items like keys and pieces of jewelry from the pockets of your clothes before you wash them. Here are some clever tricks on how not to lose one of the most important items among all of them.



Peeing in the shower

Now this hack can gross out some people but hear us out first. Sure, peeing while you’re taking a bath can be dirty, but it’s only for a moment while you’re taking your shower. The water will instantly clean your pee too. At the same time, you get to save at least 1.6 gallons of water. That’s because you won’t need to flush the toilet and that’s the amount of water it takes to do this act.



Use leftover water for your plants

Watering your plants can spend too much of this vital resource. Why not be creative in getting water for your beloved plants? One good example is to collect leftover water after finishing a meal. If you do this act on a constant basis, you can have enough to water your plants and ensure they grow healthy.


Ease up on the faucet when washing dishes

And since we’re talking about meals, you also have to use water to clean the dishes afterwards. Most of us will open the faucet up when washing dishes. It’s better to release just a right flow of water and not a strong one. You’ll still wash your dishes efficiently and get to save more money when the bills come in.